Link-Round up For 1/4/13

Today’s Friday, so that means it’s time for another link round-up!

In case you didn't know, every day I scour the internet looking for articles on writing that are helpful to me as a beginning writer. When I find something, I will share it over Twitter.

Each Friday I will post what I call a Link Round-up of all the useful articles I've found over the past week.

Last week I wasn't able to get the link round-up posted, so this week's post includes the links I was able to find last week as well.

Without further ado...

8 Do’s And Don’ts Of Writing Fiction From Several Famous Authors By Karen Woodward

So You Want To Be A Writer By Davey Beauchamp

12 Cliches To Avoid When Beginning Your Story By Courtney Carpenter

Being Green: What It Means To Be A New Writer By Jamie Raintree

13 In 2013: A Line-Up Of Writing Guides That Inspire And Instruct By Chuck Leddy

How To Get Off Your Lazy Butt and Start Writing Already By Ollin Morales

7 Characteristics Of Successful Fiction Writers By J.J Lancer

How Stephen King Writes Imagery By Jason Boog

The Biggest Problem Facing Beginning Novelists: And 6 Tips For Avoiding It By Anne R. Allen

How To Write A Great Climactic Scene By Sierra Godfrey

5 Ways To Liven Up Description By Gabriella Pereira

How To “Up The Stakes” For Your Main Character By Victoria Lynn Schmidt

Endings And Beginnings: Finding The Reader Satisfying “Loops” In Your Story By Mary Carroll Moore

5 Ways A Writer Can Cure Where-do-I-begin-itus By Krissy Brady

8 Signs You Were Meant To Be A Writer By Henri Juntilla

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Write A Scene. Any Scene. By Larry Brooks

Well, that’s it for this week!

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I’ll see you next week!


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