Link Round-up for 1/18/13

It’s time for another link round-up!

In case you didn’t know, everyday, I scour the internet looking for articles that are helpful to me as a beginning writer. When I find something, I share it over Twitter.

Each Friday, I post what I call a link round-up of all the helpful articles I found that week.

I found a bunch of really great articles this week! Hopefully they are as helpful to you as they were for me.

Four Ways To Pre-write Your Scenes By Janice Hardy

25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing By Chuck Wendig

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Better Than You Do By Colin Nissan

Turning Off Your Inner Editor By Karen Woodward

Six Things You Need In Order To Be Creative By @Tannerc

Endings By Talia Vance

Dealing With The Passage Of TIme Between Scenes By Janice Hardy

How To Get Organized: Seven Steps Writers Can Use To Reach Their Goals By Jurgen Wolff

On Being A Slow, Imperfect, Inefficient Writer By Jessica Shea

That’s it for this week! You can follow me on Twitter @KellyLeiter.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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