Link round-up for 11/9/12

It's time for another link round-up! 

Every day I scour the internet looking for articles on writing that are helpful to me as a beginning writer. When I find something, I will share it over Twitter.

Each Friday I will post what I call a Link Round-up of all the useful articles I've found over the past week.

There were so many great articles this week! I'm sure you'll find something helpful to you.

Setting Dumps: How To Avoid Them By Nichole Steinhaus

When Are You Telling: The Trouble With "when" Statements By Janice Hardy

10 Steps To Becoming A Better Writer (Poster) By Brian Clark

Writing In The Coffee Shop By Elizabeth S. Craig

Seven Narrative Writing Tips For NaNoWriMo Success By @TheWriterMama

Third Person Omniscient vs. Third Person Limited By Nathan Bransford

10 Tips To Increase Your Writing Discipline By Kate Willer

Don't Stop Writing In The Ugly Middle By Joe Bunting

Confessions Of A How-To Junkie By  Keith Cronin

5 Ways To Get Your First Draft Material Out Of Your Head And Onto The Page By Joanna Penn

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