Friday's Link Roundup For 10/26/12

It's time for another link round-up! 

Every day I scour the internet looking for articles on writing that are helpful to me as a beginning writer. When I find something, I will share it over Twitter.

Each Friday I will post what I call a Link Round-up of all the useful articles I've found over the past week.

So without further ado...

Journaling Techniques To Improve Your Writing @ The Creative Penn

Ways To Write Though Procrastination By Amber Lea Starfire

How To Journal: 6 Tips to Boost Creativity and Polish Your Writing By Cheryl Craigie

5 Easy Ways To Battle Self-Doubt By Jody Calkins

7 Dialogue Basics That Can Help Tighten Our Stories By Jody Hedlund

Enrich Your Writing By Keeping It Simple By Sophie Novack

Every Time I Talk About Depression- Being Brave By Chris Brogan

How To Create Story Structure To Die For By PJ Reece

Index Cards Are A Helpful Writing Tool By Glen C. Strathy

Game Of Thrones Editor Reveals Her Top 3 Writing Tips By Jonathan Gunson

Patience Is A Writer's Most Important Virtue By Jeff Goins

Plunge Right In...Into Your Story, That is! By Rekha Ambardar

Ready Or Not, Here Comes NaNoWriMo By Sophie Novak

The Final Brilliant Word On The Passive Voice By Rebecca Johnson

Writing's Four Letter Word: Fear By Susan Mary Malone

NaNoWriMo: Planning Your Novel By Janice Hardy

Tips For Writers: On The Importance Of Persistence By Joanna Penn

NaNoWriMo Prep: Planning Your Novel's Beginning By Janice Hardy

Science Fiction And Fantasy Are Different Genres, Dammit! @ Wise Words

NaNoWriMo: The Pitfalls And How To Deftly Avoid Them By Lisa Cron

3 Reasons You Should Write When You're Tired By Krissy Brady

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See you next Monday!


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